Ecpyrosis: The Best of Starfire Volume One.

The articles included in Ecpyrosis are drawn from the original issues as follows:

From the first issue (1986):

From the second issue (1987):

From the third issue (1989):

From the fourth issue (1992):
  • Meditations on Liber AL by Lindsey Calvert – considerations of The Book of the Law;
  • Ciphers in Flesh by Mouse – on poetry as inspired text;
  • The Vision and the Voice by Michael Staley – an introductory essay on Crowley's 1909 Working.

And finally, from the fifth issue (1994):
  • Zos: The New Flesh of Desire by Gavin Semple – an examination of the sorcery of Austin Osman Spare;
  • Lam: The Gateway by Michael Staley – an essay on Lam;
  • Wisdom for the New Flesh by Andrew Chumbley – some considerations of a modern sorcery;
  • Supping at the Angel & Feathers by Michael Staley – an essay on the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

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